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NZSL ko ngā kura


NZSL@School is a service for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) learners whose primary language is New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Its purpose is to strengthen the use and frequency of NZSL by these learners by providing access to daily, quality and quantity NZSL at school.

NZSL@School additional top-up funds to complement Ministry of Education ORS Teacher Aide hours is available to learners:

  • who are DHH
  • who are enrolled in a mainstream school, Māori medium school, or a special education school (i.e. not Ko Taku Reo)
  • whose primary language is NZSL i.e. they use NZSL on a daily, ongoing basis at home, and in their school community
  • who are ORS verified and have been allocated ORS TA contribution from the MoE

There are two levels of support

  • Tier 1, NZSL@School provides additional top-up funding for the school to employ a Communication/Education Support Worker (C/ESW) for the full school week. NZSL tutor support for the team is also provided
  • Tier 2, DHH learners who would benefit from learning NZSL from an NZSL tutor. Includes classmates, school staff, family/whanau. This is tutor only

Who applies?

Additional funding and NZSL tutor support is applied for by the school. One or more people can be involved in filling out the form; the school, AODC, RTD, Ko Taku Reo Team Lead plus input from the family/whanau can be included.

How to apply

Download and make a copy of the form to save to your files. Once the form is completed, attach it to an email and send it to

Resource Allocation

Additional funding is reviewed on an annual basis and is not guaranteed for future years. Reapply in term 4 for the following year. NZSL tutor only can continue where an NZSL tutor is available. This is not reapplied for annually.

Educational Interpreter

In a limited number of situations, the funding for NZSL@School may provide for the use of trained NZSL Educational Interpreters. If you believe there is a need for an NZSL Educational Interpreter, please contact us.

For events such as assemblies, evening performances, and guest speakers to the school you may wish to request a trained NZSL interpreter.

Apply for NZSL@School support funding and NZSL tutor or tutor only support ANYTIME.

Contact NZSL@School for more information.