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Pitopito kōrero

New Release: Watch out for the Weka in NZSL

26 Feb 2021

While Alf, the DOC hut warden, is taking a swim, a curious weka steals his precious watch. He must get it back. That evening, Alf thinks up a cunning plan and eventually recovers his watch while also discovering the weka's treasure pile.

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Tuatara and the Skink - Avatar Book NZSL

29 Jul 2020

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare, retold with a New Zealand twist in NZSL! A slow native tuatara and a quick little skink are pitted against each other…. Watch the story and discover who really won the race!

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The Very Cranky Bear - NZSL Avatar Book, it’s completely free!

16 Jul 2020

We have some very exciting news: Kara and Deaf Education are releasing a second book, you can access it on TuriTV -

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