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ECE Parent Elections

Providing Deaf Education Services in New Zealand is the responsibility of Ko Taku Reo Deaf education serving the whole of the country. Ko Taku Reo supports close to 2,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing children nationwide. A key function of both Centres is the provision of Early Childhood Education.

Government’s New Born Hearing Screening Programme 2008-2010, means that Deaf and Hard of Hearing children can be identified at birth and this allows families to be supported very early on. Early family involvement is critical because it helps families develop techniques to improve communication and promote their deaf child’s development. Teaching sta in early childhood educations services are dedicated to researching and providing families with the resources and strategies suited to each family’s communication needs. This results in improved educational and social achievement outcomes for their child.

In 2014 the Deaf Education ECE Trust was established to govern early childhood education services at the Auckland Preschool and at the Christchurch Early Intervention Centre. The Trust consists of two trustees nominated from within the Board of Trustees for Ko Taku Reo and a total of four parents drawn equally from both the Auckland and Christchurch regions.

What's going on?

This is an election to appoint two parent trustees for the Auckland region.

Who can nominate someone as candidate?

Anyone on the voting roll can make a nomination and if you feel you have the skills, time and commitment you can nominate yourself.

(The voting roll includes all parents of students who are enrolled at Auckland Pre-school or Christchurch Early Intervention Centre.)

If you are on the voting roll and eligible to vote then you do not require a seconder if you are nominating yourself. If you are not on the voting roll, you must be nominated by a parent who is. Please note you can nominate a person who is not a parent of the Pre-school or Early Intervention Centre.

Please see the guidelines for ineligibility which are on the back of the nomination form.

What does it involve?

Being a Trustee on the Board is an important position with the opportunity to influence the decisions and educational services for preschool-aged Deaf children in these two services. The position carries responsibility and requires commitment. The ideal person is someone who is committed to developing access to early childhood education for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing children. You will need to be able to understand and consider diering views and perspectives and contribute to decision making. Meetings are held four or five times each year, and maybe held in Christchurch, Auckland or online. It is anticipated meetings will last 3 to 4 hours so you should have the time and availability to devote to the role. Travel, childcare expenses, meals and a small fee are provided per meeting.

What next?

Nomination forms are being posted to all eligible voters. You can make sure you are registered to vote by contacting the reception on 0800 332 369

Candidate's Statement

As candidates in this national election may be elected by popular vote, you are strongly advised to submit a statement (max. 400 words) to support your nomination. This should show how they are suitable for the position and include any relevant experience, including previous governance experience and/or any involvement with the Deaf Education Centres or other associated institutions. Candidates should also express why they wish to be a Trustee and what qualities or skills they could bring to the role. Candidates are responsible for making sure that their statement is received by the Returning Officer by the deadline highlighted below. The returning Ocer has the right to edit the candidate statement if it is deemed offensive or defamatory or if it exceeds the 400-word limit.

Election Process

If there are more than 2 nominations for the vacant Auckland positions, a vote will be required. Voting papers and candidate statements will be mailed out to those eligible to vote on or about Tuesday 25 August 2020. The poll will close on Wednesday 9 September 2020. The highest polling candidates will be declared elected. Results of the election will be available on the Ko Taku Reo website.

What do I need to do now?

Please complete the nomination paper, including candidate statement, all necessary signatures and full contact details for the candidate as requested.

Completed nominations must be returned to:
The Returning Officer, Deaf Education
ECE Trust, PO Box 17715 Sumner,
Christchurch 8840