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Resource teachers of the Deaf

Resource Teachers of the Deaf (RTDs)

Resource Teachers of the Deaf (RTDs) aim to improve the educational and social outcomes for Deaf and hard of hearing children by working in a collaborative partnership with families and mainstream schools to support the delivery of the New Zealand curriculum with a special focus on language, literacy, and culture.

The RTD is a trained specialist teacher who can provide:

  • Specialist one-to-one teaching
  • Assistance to classroom teachers with curriculum adaptation and delivery.
  • Specialist advice, guidance, and assistance for the classroom environment and management
  • Assistance to classroom teachers with the assessment of learning outcomes involving language and literacy achievement
  • Liaison services with all staff, support agencies, and caregivers
  • Monitoring and support for the use of audiological equipment
  • A facilitator who looks at the needs across all areas of the wheel
  • A direct teaching service
  • New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) specialist teachers
  • Habilitationist with the Cochlear Implant Services
  • Teachers from within the Specialist Resource Team around language, literacy and deaf culture

Who is eligible for RTD support?

Student needs are reviewed each term and prioritised around language levels and functioning in the class. Students are grouped into three priority levels and this informs the level of direct teaching support from an RTD or the funding transferred to the student's school.