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Early childhood

He pūhoutanga kōhunga

Early childhood

We operate preschool and playgroups for the delivery of early childhood education. There is our preschool at our Auckland campus and an Early Years Whānau Centre (EYWC) at two Christchurch locations as well as Playgroups in Dunedin and Wellington.

We provide programmes that encourage language development and offer a place of support for parents and families; a caring and welcoming learning environment and time to form relationships, support each other and identify the resources to meet specific needs.

Facilities follow the Te Whāriki Curriculum with an emphasis on communication development. We provide a language-rich environment, offering a bilingual/bicultural approach in which NZSL, English and Te Reo Māori are respected and valued.

Frequently asked questions

Auckland preschool

Here, your child’s strengths, interests and needs are combined with a strong focus on developing communication skills using New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and/or English.

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Christchurch Early Years Whānau Centre (EYWC)

The EYWC in Christchurch runs a number of different playgroup sessions for both children and their families to attend together.

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Preschool Residential Courses

The needs of pre-schoolers and their whānau are assessed at our Early Years Whānau Centre and It's also a chance for families to meet and find support.

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Mixed enrolments

Siblings of a deaf child may be concurrently enrolled with us, or CODA (Children of Deaf Adults). Auckland enrolments may also include hearing children of families who are connected through the Deaf community and hearing children from the local community.