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Our services

We work to ensure all Deaf and hard of hearing children in New Zealand will have the skills and knowledge to enjoy fulfilling and satisfying lives. We do this by providing:

  • Access to support and resources to achieve academic potential
  • Pastoral care to nurture wellbeing and help form identity

Our services ensure students have what they need to access the NZ Curriculum and become happy and engaged learners.

Our services

Hearing aid servicing

We supply batteries and a repair service for hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and FM systems.

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Through us, students get hearing assessments, device fittings, progress monitoring and more.

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Cochlear implant programme

Find out how a cochlear implant works and how to access the programme in your area.

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Find out how students’ who primarily use New Zealand Sign Language are supported in schools.

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NZSL tutors

Find out how Deaf students, their families and teachers can improve their signing skills.

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Integrated Services

Team of specialist staff that provides support to students, whanau and teaching staff.

Regional support

Taupua mō nga rohe

Support is available throughout New Zealand with services such as NZSL tutoring via video calling; school and home visits; 1 on 1 tutoring; Resource Teachers of the Deaf (RTDs) who work with certain students in mainstream schools; and our ASSIST liaisons who essentially acting as the go-between for families and schools and other services for the child funded by the Ministry of Education.

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