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Residential programmes

Ngā akoranga kāinga

Ko Taku Reo Immersion Hui Enable Deaf and Hard of Hearing students become confident leaders of their own lives

Our Program

Our program offers our national Ko Taku Reo students an opportunity to come together at our Auckland and Christchurch campus for five days of learning, culture, challenges and fun.

The Hui encourages independence by enabling each student to complete their journey through self-discovery and resilience. Our aim is to strengthen their sense of identity and build friendships.

Maori-Deaf Culture Immersion Hui

The Maori-Deaf Culture Hui is an opportunity for students who identify as Maori Deaf to come together and explore both cultures and history through workshops, art, and storytelling. The attendees will focus on strengthening their sense of identity and broadening their understanding of what Maori/Deaf Culture means. We focus on supporting students in their identity and enable them to practice skills to help them succeed in life.

Term 2
When: 19 - 23 June 2023
Kelston, Auckland

Transition Immersion Hui

This Hui is for students in years 11, 12, and 13 who are thinking about their next steps when finishing school. The transition from school to the workplace or to further education can be a confusing and challenging time. The Ko Taku Reo careers guidance counsellor will take participants on this Hui to meet with Deaf role models in their workplaces, meet with our specialist's staff, assist them in finding support networks outside of the school environment. This Hui aims to give participants what services and supports are available to them to help make this transition a little smoother.

Sumner, Christchurch

NZSL Immersion Hui

The NZSL Immersion Hui is a great opportunity for teens Year 7 and upward to interact with their peers and hone their primary language skills in New Zealand Sign Language. This is a chance for Hui participants to broaden their understanding of NZSL and strengthen their sense of identity, giving them confidence by developing new skills. We aim to enhance communication skills and equip students for a successful future. Making new friends will be an integral part of this course.

Term 3
When: 4 - 8 September 2023
Kelston, Auckland

Year 7 to 10 immersion Hui

The Year 7 to 10 Immersion Hui gives students the chance to focus on self-discovery and deaf culture. Year 7 – 10 students are moving through some important transitions in their school life, either entering Secondary School or starting NCEA Courses. This Hui offers a supportive space to meet with deaf peers and teachers who can provide some guidance while they take these next steps. During the Hui, the participants will meet other students from the Christchurch Ko Taku Reo provisions and learn alongside peers while developing their NZSL skills. It is a chance for Hui attendees to broaden their understanding of deaf culture and history through interaction. They will gain newfound skills, friends, and peers on their journey and build independence and confidence to equip them for the future.

See the application form for closing dates.

Term 4
When: 4 - 8 December 2023
Sumner, Christchurch

For further information on Immersion Hui, please contact our In-Reach Coordinators via

Student FAQs

  • We're so glad you asked! Our Immersion Huis are five days of learning about self-identity, deaf awareness, Deaf history, culture, making connections, and developing skills and resilience. These Huis allow students to interact with their peers, teachers, and Deaf role models during fun activities at the Ko Taku Reo campuses and on day trips.

  • Our Immersion Huis are open to all Ko Taku Reo students in the Outreach School.

  • We invite 8-10 students to attend each Hui.

  • If your RTD applies to come and can take time away from their other students, they can attend.

  • Immersion Huis are about developing independence and building resilience with like-minded peers. As much as your parents will miss you it’s essential to take this journey without them and, you will have amazing stories to share when you return home!

  • Absolutely nothing! Ko Taku Reo covers all costs.

  • Talk to your parents/caregivers first, then Join us and embark on an exciting journey towards success! Apply now.

  • In both Auckland and Christchurch.

  • Ko Taku Reo will coordinate and pay for your flights to attend if you're not local to either Auckland or Christchurch.

  • We understand! Flying can be a little nerve-wracking, but if you're under 16, we will book your flight as an ''Unaccompanied Minor'', which means that the Airport Staff will take extra special care of you. If you're over 16, then you can be booked with ''Airport Assist''.

    Ko Taku Reo staff will be waiting for you at the other end to greet you at the airport and to take you to the Immersion Hui.

  • Yes! We will work with your parents and our staff to understand how best to support you while with us. We will cater to any physical needs/food allergies/medical requirements so your time with us is as enjoyable as possible.

  • Unless you want to apply to our NZSL Immersion Hui, you can come to any Immersion Hui regardless of how much NZSL you know. We will have interpreters available during the day, and our residential team can communicate in NZSL and spoken English.

  • Yes! Please come again! You're welcome to apply to different Huis that may interest you as you progress through your learning and life stages with Ko Taku Reo.

  • Please contact our In-Reach Coordinator – Hayley, at or 027 226 1261.

Immersion Hui 2023 Dates

  • Māori Turi
    19 - 23 June
    : Kelston, Auckland

  • NZSL
    4 - 8 September
    : Kelston, Auckland

  • Years 7 to 10 [Full]
    4 - 8 December
    : Sumner, Christchurch