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Residential placement visits

Ngā kāinga whakanoho toro

Residential placement visits

For your child to be enrolled in the Ko Taku Reo residences at either the Christchurch or Auckland campuses, they must first undertake a placement visit.

A placement visit is for your child and you to experience what life will be like there. It includes seeing the programmes and facilities available and the school provision that would be the best educational fit for your child.

Placement visits are arranged through the current Advisor of Deaf Children (AODC), Resource Teacher of Deaf (RTD), ASSIST staff, or you can contact us directly.

What to expect on your visit

It will last between two and five days. During this time, you and the other students and their families are welcomed into the residences and have an opportunity to talk with staff about how things run, what is expected of you and your child, and how we support their needs in the residences.

You and your child will visit the school provision that is being considered for enrolment. You’ll meet the teachers, discuss the class programmes and have a chance to ask any questions about schooling, support and programmes.

All costs are covered by us, including accommodation, transport and meals.

After two days you'll go home leaving your child with us for another two to three days.

Staying independently is an important part of the placement visit. It gives our residential staff a chance to get to know your child, to see how they fit into residential life and how they cope being away from home.

During this time, there may be several assessments done that will support an application for enrolment. These assessments cover spoken language, audiology, literacy, New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), and a discussion with the school counsellor.

Applying for a residential placement

If you wish to proceed, an application is submitted to the Ministry of Education under the Section 9 Agreement. The Ministry of Education requires a residential placement to meet the following four criteria:

  • This is the best educational fit for the student.
  • The safety of the student and that of other students is ensured.
  • The student wants to enrol
  • There is a suitable place available for the student.

The Head of School then calls an admissions meeting to discuss the application, assessments and observations. You’ll then be informed of the decision and if successful, arrangements are made for the student to move into the residence.

Nicki Morrison