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Tuatara and the Skink - Avatar Book NZSL

29 Jul 2020

This is the final book release for the Avatar Project… along with teachers notes to aid in teaching alongside the book.

Thank you to all of those who have participated in the process, we have been very happy working with Kara Technologies.

We are excited to be releasing our fourth and final book (for now!) – The Tuatara and the Skink

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare, retold with a New Zealand twist in NZSL! A slow native tuatara and a quick little skink are pitted against each other…. Watch the story and discover who really won the race!

Hopefully, we'll be back soon with more NZSL books!!! The team at Kara

Access the book is completely FREE through TuriTV -, go to the members-only area, click the book, sign in then it will ask you to purchase the book - it’s FREE! Just requires you to click purchase… If you’ve never visited TuriTV before - there are so many amazing, free resources for you and your child to enjoy!