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Behaviour and Learning, and ORS Applications

Behaviour and learning support the engagement and achievement of all students. Includes targeted support around literacy or numeracy and can also include strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour.

You can also obtain support for submitting Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) applications.

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme

Support for submitting ORS applications for school-aged akonga whose needs may have changed and for whom an ORS application may be successful should also be made through the referral form.

For Requests for Support specific to submitting an ORS application, data will be gathered holistically and collaboratively from all team members to assess student needs concerning ORS criteria.

How to access the service

  • If anyone from a learner’s existing team has noticed that they need support around behaviour or learning or need support around an ORS application they can refer to our Behaviour and Learning service. This can be done by filling in the integrated services referral form.

  • You will receive an email receipt of your referral and a team member may contact you to gather more information if needed. The referral will be accepted or declined, and this will be communicated to the referrer and their team.

  • A team member will contact the learner’s team, including whanau and the learner, teachers and other professionals.

  • Assessment findings will be used to determine the level of support for the learner and their team. The Behaviour and Learning team, will then work with the learner’s team, including teaching staff, their whānau and the learner, to co-construct a Support Plan. The Support Plan will have clear learning goals and an agreed time frame. The time frame will include review points for the support being given.

  • At review meetings, the team will decide on criteria showing that the learner’s Support Plan is complete.

    When the criteria have been met, or the team has agreed that the Support Plan is complete for a different reason, the team will organise a Next Steps meeting.

    Progress will be reviewed at the Next Steps meeting, and final recommendations will be discussed before the learner’s Support Plan is closed.

    The learner may be re-referred to the Ko Taku Reo Behaviour and Learning service if anyone from the learner’s team (existing or new) identifies further needs.