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Early Intervention Centre

Christchurch Early Intervention Centre

Our Early Intervention Centre (EIC) is located at our Christchurch campus. Deaf and hard of hearing preschoolers and their siblings can be enrolled here. Parents/whānau are expected to attend sessions with their child and are encouraged to work in partnership with centre staff in all areas of their child's development.

Teachers support families to practise effective techniques and strategies for developing their child's communication skills.

Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) can be enrolled in our CODA group and all whānau and friends are welcome to join these group sessions.

The centre provides group parent and child sessions as well as weekly individual parent-child communication sessions.

The EIC staff work closely with the Advisor on Deaf Children, (AoDC) Cochlear Implant Habilitationists and a First Signs Facilitator to provide a collaborative service for families.

The Centre's programme allows time for families to form relationships, support each other and identify the resources they need to meet specific needs and concerns. Parents/whanāu are given the opportunity to attend 'parent group time' during their weekly sessions.


Ten preschool residential courses are also offered throughout the school year for families from across New Zealand. Up to three families can attend each course. Attending families may spend some time in the EIC and also receive support from a team of specialists including an Audiologist, Speech Language Therapist, NZSL-Visual Communication Tutor and Early Literacy Teacher.

For enrolment enquiries please contact:

Sarah de Heer
Head of Early Years

M: 021 084 41885
P: 64 3 326 6009 ext. 846