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These are a place where whānau can come with their preschool-aged child, siblings and others who are interested in a morning playgroup. The focus is on language development, learning through play and exposure to NZSL and visual communication.

We have trained Resource Teachers of Deaf with ECE training and experience in planning and leading playgroup sessions. This is done in collaboration with First Signs (Deaf Aotearoa) and Advisors of Deaf Children (AoDC, Ministry of Education).

Where possible playgroups have been set up in locations where the NZSL Immersion Day Schools are located to try and encourage a seamless transition to school. We also know that early exposure to language sets the preschool learner on an excellent learning pathway for the future.

You can also contact your local Advisor of Deaf Children for more information about these and other support Ko Taku Reo can offer to support your whānau journey.