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Residential Programme

The Residential Pathway underpins the residential programme, and allows students to grow and practice skills for independence. It has residential houses for boys and girls, access to independent flats for students who are ready to practice independent skills, and access to a shared house for those who are learning to live with others. These skills are taught in a supportive and culturally respectful way, reflecting the bilingual/bicultural approach that is core to our work with students.

The residences are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a team of 15 staff. The Head of Residential and Immersion has the overall responsibility of the team consisting of Residential Team Leaders, Youth Workers, and Night Youth Workers. Students have their own rooms, which they are able to fill with comforts from home. Student needs drive the programme, and access to sports teams, clubs, leisure activities, and day trips are planned for and encouraged. Cultural, religious, ethnic, and others needs are also respectfully acknowledged while students find their identity in a safe and supported way.