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Strategic plan and annual reports

2024 Strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan demonstrates how we will bring the Strategy Framework to life over the next two years. The Strategic Plan sets the direction and priorities for language, learning, and identity and wellbeing at our school, with the purpose of improving outcomes for our learners.

To help develop our strategy documents Ko Taku Reo consulted with the following groups:

  • parents and whānau of Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) learners
  • advisory group members
  • staff members
  • our learners
  • Turi Māori.

A mix of focus groups and surveys were used to gather feedback and strategic goals were prioritised by a working group of senior leaders.

You can watch the NZSL video translations of the Strategic Plan, which feature some of our staff from across the organisation, or download the Strategy Plan document below.

This is just the beginning, we will undertake wider and more in-depth consultation for the next iteration of the Strategic Plan, which is due at the end of 2025. Consultation with and reporting back to our community will be ongoing.

Thank you to everyone who completed a survey or participated in a focus group, we appreciate you sharing your views with us.

Our Annual Implementation Plan is also available below. This gives us clear direction on how we are going to action the Strategic Plan across different areas of the school. An update on progress will be shared with the community in 2025 as part of our annual reporting.

Strategy Framework

Our Strategy Framework is a key document, it has three foundational pou (pillars) - Languages, Learning and Identity. This framework will direct all our planning for student achievement, successful outcomes and wellbeing.

You can watch the NZSL video or download the Strategy Framework document below.

Annual report

The annual report is a key accountability document that school boards are required to prepare to inform and report to stakeholders including the Ministry, Members of Parliament, parents, and the wider community of schools and kura.