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Enrolled school

Is our service for learners aged 5 – 21 years, who are enrolled in Ko Taku Reo’s Deaf Provisions, based at different host schools in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The Integrated Service Team can provide specialist support to all learners within Ko Taku Reo. Our Enrolled School Services can be accessed by referral, and can be provided either through:

The Integrated Services Team includes different specialists:

The service pathway for our enrolled service can be seen in the following flow chart.


Audiology service

Audiology services in Auckland are currently being coordinated from Ko Taku Reo’s Auckland campus, with support from Christchurch’s Audiologist.

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Behaviour and Learning

Teachers and other Ko Taku Reo staff collaboratively work with this role to support the engagement and achievement of all students within Early Years, Enrolled School, Residential and Outreach. Interventions will comprise a range of flexible supports that may benefit individual ākonga, groups of ākonga or kaiako, whole classes or the whole school and may involve exploring systems and practices school-wide.

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Physiotherapy service

Physiotherapy is a contracted service to Ko Taku Reo where we refer to outside Physiotherapists to work with our students.

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Psychology service

Psychology is a contracted service to Ko Taku Reo where we refer to outside Psychologist’s that allows us the ability to provide services and support on a national level to our students and whanau.

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Counselling service

Counselling services provide a confidential space where people can work through difficulties and explore changes they would like to make.

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Orientation and mobility service

Orientation and mobility service provides services to blind, deafblind, and vision-impaired children about purposeful movement and provides an understanding of the environment in an age and developmentally appropriate manner.

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Assistive technology service

Assistive technology supplies hearing aid batteries and accessories, and funds the repair and service of hearing aids and remote microphone systems that have been funded by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

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Social work service

Social workers promote social change and empowerment by adhering to the principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility, and respect for diversity.

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Speech and Language therapy service

SLTs’ work in the Enrolled School, focuses on the learner’s access to the curriculum using assessment to identify how learners communicate, as well as how communication impacts access, participation and learning.

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Occupational therapy

The National OT service undertakes work that aims to support children to access the curriculum and fully participate in classroom life. OT considers the learner, their social, physical and cultural environments, as well as the specific tasks they are asked to do.

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