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Assessment visits

Assessment visits for primary and secondary school students

Family of Primary and Secondary school children nationally have the opportunity to stay on-site at Ko Taku Reo and attend our four-day programme lead by our specialist team. The focus during the assessment will be to determine the support needed to ensure the student has the ability to be a competent and capable learner, regardless of their educational setting, hearing levels or language choices.

Assessment visits are held at our Christchurch campus and is an opportunity for families to help increase their knowledge and confidence when advocating for their child.

What to expect

The four-day visit is designed around the needs of the student and any special requests or concerns from the whānau or educational team. The programme will involve attending individualised sessions focusing on family support, advice and ability to develop strategies to help in the following areas.

  • Spoken language
  • Literacy
  • Audiology
  • Visual communication
  • NZSL
  • Deaf Culture

Up to three families may attend each 4-day course. Siblings and support adults may also be able to attend, giving the opportunity to meet and connect with other parents/ whanau of Deaf/Hard of hearing students.

Does it cost?

  • Transportation costs are covered by the local District Health Board.
  • Meals and accommodation are provided free of charge.
  • Dietary requirements can be catered for.

At the completion of the course

A comprehensive report is sent to the whānau, advisor and other relevant parties within three weeks of family departure.

To apply for an assessment visit, please complete our online application form or please contact:

In-reach Coordinator

To apply for an assessment visit, please contact our In-Reach Coordinators via

2023 Assessment Dates

  • When: 20 - 22 February (Full)
    : Sumner, Christchurch

    When: 20 - 22 March (Full)
    Campus: Kelston, Auckland

  • When: 15 - 17 May
    : Sumner, Christchurch

    When: 12 - 14 June
    Campus: Kelston, Auckland

  • When: 7 - 9 August
    : Sumner, Christchurch

    When: 4 - 6 September
    : Kelston, Auckland

  • When: 30 October - 1 November
    : Sumner, Christchurch

    When: 27 - 29 November
    Campus: Kelston, Auckland