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Individual education plans

Individual education plans

To support your child's specific needs, they may have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This is developed for your child when they are at school or kura. It is a written plan that sets out goals specific to the educational, social and emotional needs of each child. You, and everyone else working with your child, are involved in developing your child's IEP.

The plans outline how, who and when the goals for your child will be reached and may include:

  • Who will be working with your child, what their role will be and what they will do
  • How you and your family and whānau can support your child's learning at home
  • Teaching strategies that will support your child to learn
  • Resources or special equipment your child might need
  • What success for the team working with your child will look like

The plans do not have to be large, intimidating documents. In fact they might contain charts, photos or pictures. They are strengths-based documents that celebrate what your child can already do and share their aspirations for the future.

The IEP is a commitment in writing to the resources the school agrees to provide and serves as the focal point for cooperative decision making by parents, the student and school personnel.

IEPs are living documents that change over time as your child's needs change. You and your child's team will talk regularly about your their progress and what their next goals will be and update the plan.

You can find more information about IEPs on the IEP Online website.

Collaboration for Success is the Ministry of Education's compact reference to current NZ research, policy and effective practice in support students with learning support needs.

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