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Pitopito kōrero

Creating a more cohesive service for school-aged children with cochlear implants

16 Jun 2021


In July 2020 our two Deaf Education Centres (van Asch and Kelston) merged into a new national school, Ko Taku Reo Deaf Education. This merger gave the opportunity for both Northern Cochlear Implant Trust (NCIT) and Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) to review the current contractual arrangements for the provision of habilitationists in consultation with Ko Taku Reo and put forward some recommendations to the Ministry of Education.

As part of this review, it was thought that direct employment of habilitationists by the Cochlear Implant programmes would provide a number of advantages for clients and employers.

As a result of the review from 2 July, SCIP and NCIT (via The Hearing House) will take over the employment responsibilities of habilitationists.

The services you receive from SCIP and NCIT/Hearing House will not change and in many cases the same staff will be present. Ko Taku Reo’s own internal support of students with cochlear implants will continue as it has and the relationship between Ko Taku Reo and the two Cochlear Implant Programmes will remain strong, if not enhanced and focused on working together in new ways for the best outcomes for our ākonga and whanau.