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Pitopito kōrero

Exploring New Zealand through the eyes of Kelston Girls' College students

19 Apr 2024

This week, we explore New Zealand through the eyes of Kelston Girls' College students with the students from a Deaf school in Japan.

🌆 Auckland—Sumeya guides us through Auckland's vibrant city life, home to the iconic Sky Tower, picturesque yachts, and many mouth-watering cuisines.

🌿 Whāngarei—Tere unveils the natural wonders of Whāngarei, renowned for its lush forests and awe-inspiring whale sightings.

🏛️ Wellington—Seneuefa illuminates Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, where the nation's heart beats with its government buildings.

🌋 Rotorua—Jireh delves into Rotorua's unique wonders, from its distinctive sulphuric aroma to its rejuvenating hot pools and captivating Māori culture.

⏰ Christchurch—Liwen explores Christchurch's historical charm, featuring landmarks like the iconic Clock Tower, while also acknowledging its resilience through earthquakes and its role in Deaf education.

🏞️ Taupo—Emila shares the majesty of Taupo, which boasts the largest lake in New Zealand and a fascinating volcanic history dating back a millennium.

🐄 Hamilton—Diamond showcases the beauty of Hamilton City, where fields of cows graze peacefully amid breathtaking gardens and the mighty Waikato River.

🌬️ Palmerston North—Mea uncovers Palmerston North's hidden gems, from its historic past with the St Dominic's Deaf School to the iconic windmills dotting its landscape.

Join us as we journey through the diversity and charm of New Zealand's popular cities! 👇🏼