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Pitopito kōrero

Keep in Touch

05 Aug 2021

One of our learners at the Southland NZSL Immersion Hui wanted to apply what he had learned while reading his book 'Keep in Touch'. In this book he learned about different ways to keep in touch. These included talking on the phone, visiting people, writing emails and writing letters. He shared his learning with the group who were all very excited to join in the fun. Part of this learning was following instructions around how to make an envelope. We were taken through this process step by step. After this, we needed to choose someone to write a letter to. We learned about; how to correctly write a letter, what a stamp is for and where it goes on a letter and how and where you post a letter. We wrote our letters and then walked down to the local post box to post these. One of our learners decided to write a letter to Sarah de Heer who had recently visited our hub. What an exciting surprise for Sarah to receive a letter in the post! A fantastic learning opportunity for everyone around letter writing.

Masyn's Letter