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Pitopito kōrero

NZSL Hub - Waikato & Bay of Plenty

16 Jul 2020

Due to Covid-19, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty NZSL Hub has had to go digital - due to the restrictions from New Zealand Government.

Each week - on a Thursday, we have two groups - the 'Kea' group and the 'Tui' Group - online via Zoom for 1hour.

The students use the time, to catch up with their peers, and participate in activities. The Kea group has time to share news from home/school, and then participate in an activity - we have done scavenger hunts and activities asking each other questions, then they participate in a barrier game, which is extra fun and challenging over zoom.

The Tui group, also has the opportunity to catch up with their peers and be involved in activities, we have used Kahoot! which gives the students opportunities to show their knowledge around different areas such as New Zealand, Movies, NZSL, and other random topics, such as seasons, and a fun one which is guess who is the baby photo of? which teacher?

These sessions have been very rewarding and fun, and it enables us to overcome barriers such as covid19 and distance to bring the students together weekly.

We will continue to do this for the remaining of Term two before resuming on site in Matamata during term three. We are already planning for this and the excitement is high knowing we can resume these.