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Pitopito kōrero

NZSL News Week Two

13 Aug 2020

News topics covered this week.

  • What does WFDYS stand for?
  • What was the most recent major event in the history of Deaf Youth?
  • What is the aim of WFDYS?
  • What did WFDYS do during Covid-19 Lockdown?
  • Why are there 3 different categories for camp in WFDYS?
  • What do you think that bikes have caused surge around the city?
  • You have seen the percentage for the Christchurch and Auckland, what do you think the percentage for Wellington?
  • You have seen the part where the lady said when she is riding on road that doesn’t have cyclist path she feels very risky, what would you do to solve this?
  • Would you ride on your bike to work?
  • Do you think e-bikes are beneficial for global warming?
  • What do you think the government should be doing about the cyclist surge?

NZSL News Week 2 Term 3