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Pitopito kōrero

Sustainable Deaf Leadership

21 Sept 2021

What is Deaf Sustainable Leadership? It can mean having Deaf leaders passing on lessons from history, lived experiences, strategies, and ways of doing things so future generations can develop. We do this in many ways eg encouraging Deaf students to get together.

Deaf Leaders at Ko Taku Reo have found many ways to connect with students and Zoom is a fast-growing way to do this eg through Zoom evenings with whanau. With lockdown, teachers have found ways to connect eg providing lessons and resources online such as breaking down information about COVID so students get a clearer picture.

Sustainable Deaf Leadership is also about passing on culturally appropriate knowledge, knowing two or more cultures, and showing others how to bridge the different worlds.

Finding new ways to karakia expressing Matauranga Maori concepts in Maori Sign, having a korero on the Marae.

Cultural knowledge is passed on so future generations can carry on navigating through life. The Tukana Teina connection is another powerful way for older Deaf youth to transmit knowledge to younger akonga.

We have amazing Deaf Leaders at Ko Taku Reo, and we want to continue to find ways to work together with Māori communities and Hearing people. Through strong sustainable partnerships with these different groups, we share knowledge on how to navigate the world together.