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Virtual Museum

Welcome to Ko Taku Reo’s virtual museum. This 360° interactive experience brings our school’s rich history to you, wherever you are.

The Virtual Museum is based on our two onsite museums, which are located at our Auckland campus (previously Kelston Deaf Education Centre) and Christchurch campus (previously van Ash Deaf Education Centre). Users can “walk” around the museums and click on objects to learn more about them.

The Virtual Museum currently features 20 historical artefacts from each location. This may be expanded over time.

We welcome feedback on how you found this experience! Please contact us via

Many thanks to Kara Technologies Ltd for the use of their signing avatar Niki.


Click the arrow to move around the space.

Click and drag with the cursor to rotate the view.

Click the pink information icons to learn interesting details about each artefact.

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This experience has been optimised for viewing on a desktop computer – in the future, we will make this responsive (mobile and tablet friendly). Sorry for any inconvenience.