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Early years orientation and mobility service

Orientation and mobility Training provides services to blind, deafblind, and vision-impaired children about purposeful movement and provides an understanding of the environment in an age and developmentally appropriate manner.

Children can learn a variety of skills and techniques that will assist them to find their way around independently and safety. Programmes are developed to help improve gait, posture, and general freedom of movement with both large and fine motor skills.


Our practice is guided by:

  • Ko Taku Reo, Deaf Education New Zealand school values
  • A strong commitment to Deaf bi-lingual and bi-cultural practice
  • Valuing Deaf cultural norms
  • Provide students with an environment where they can Belong, Grow, Choose, Excel
  • Access to resources and services students need to be happy and engaged learners
  • To have opportunities to be their best and become confident leaders of their own lives

Ko Taku Reo School Values