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Integrated services team

The Ko Taku Reo Integrated Services Team is a team of specialist staff that provides support to students, whanau, and teaching staff, and aims to increase the potential and learning ability of all learners within Ko Taku Reo. Specialists work in a variety of settings and collaborate with the learner’s team, including whanau, teachers, teacher aids, and NZSL tutors, to help the child/young person learn new skills during day-to-day education activities and routines.

Some of our services can also be provided through Telepractice. Telepractice is where advice and guidance, assessment, and support can be provided remotely via live videoconferencing, where the specialist and learner interact through the online delivery of specialist services in real-time.

The integrated services team consists of:

  • Assistive Technology (hearing aids etc)
  • Audiology
  • Counselling
  • Educational Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Orientation and mobility (Deafblind)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Social Work
  • Speech Language Therapy

We provide services to students in:

  • Early Years/Early Childhood Education – 0-5-year-old children in the Ko Taku Reo preschool and Early Intervention Centre
  • Enrolled School – 5-21-year-old students in Ko Taku Reo Deaf provisions
  • Outreach School – 0-21-year-old students in mainstream ECE settings, mainstream schools, receiving AODC support, direct RTD support, indirect support, and/or Assistive Technology support

When would I refer to the integrated services team

Learners who need specialist support can be referred to the Integrated Services Team.

If anyone from a learner’s team or whanau has noticed that they need help to support the child or young person, then they can refer the learner to the Integrated Services Team.

A referral can be about communication, movement, sensory, social, behavioural, cognitive and emotional needs, as well as Audiology or Assistive Technology.

Click on the below links to see more detail on each of these services, including the referral form and service pathway for each service:

Early Years

Is our service based on our Auckland and Christchurch campuses, and is for children aged 0 – 6 years enrolled in those centers.

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Enrolled School

Is our service for students who are enrolled in Ko Taku Reo’s Deaf Provisions, based at different host schools, based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for students aged 5 - 21 years.

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Outreach School / Regional Service

Our Outreach Service is for students aged 0 – 21 years in mainstream pre-school or mainstream schooling who receive any type of support from Ko Taku Reo. This includes receiving RTD direct support, In-direct support and/or Assistive Tech support.

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