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Early years physiotherapy service

Physiotherapy is a contracted service to Ko Taku Reo where we refer to outside Physiotherapists to work with our students. Once a referral is made the Physiotherapist will undertake an assessment with the students and then recommend work to be undertaken. Our contracted Physiotherapists will work in the same manner as a Ko Taku Reo employed specialist and are coordinated through the Integrated Service Leader. Every one of our contracted specialists has a slightly different service pathway, but in general, will follow the service pathway as seen below.

Physiotherapists work in a fun and functional setting that promotes participation at school, home, and in the community.

Physiotherapy provides:

  • Assessment of a student’s movement, motor skills and development.
  • Assessment and provision of mobility equipment.
  • Individual therapy programmes
  • Rehabilitation prior and following surgery
  • Advice to whanau and caregivers
  • Consultation with other agencies and specialists.


Our practice is guided by:

  • The Values from New Zealand Physiotherapy
  • Ko Taku Reo, Deaf Education New Zealand school values
  • Respect for all
  • Clear purpose
  • Genuine relationships
  • Leadership and growth
  • Fun
  • Family
  • Never-ending improvement

New Zealand Physiotherapy

  • A strong commitment to Deaf bi-lingual and bi-cultural practice
  • Valuing Deaf cultural norms
  • Provide students with an environment where they can Belong, Grow, Choose, Excel
  • Access to resources and services students need to be happy and engaged learners.
  • To have opportunities to be their best and become confident leaders of their own lives.

Ko Taku Reo School Values