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Early years social work service

Social workers promote social change and empowerment by adhering to the principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility, and respect for diversity.

Social workers establish caring and respectful relationships with intention, and purpose, to strengthen, restore and uphold the safety and wellbeing of those they work with. Social workers identify strengths, needs, and support networks to prioritise goals that will enhance social connectedness, and assist in addressing life challenges and major events.

Social workers apply their knowledge and expertise in a variety of ways, this includes direct work with people and whānau, therapeutic social work, community-led development, consultancy, research, education, supervision, facilitation, and advocacy.

Ko Taku Reo is in the process of employing an Auckland based Social Worker who can provide direct support to Auckland’s Pre-School children and whanau. In Christchurch, Social Work support is contracted to The Christchurch Methodist Mission who work with the Early Intervention Centre’s children and whanau.


Our social work practice is guided by:

  • Social Workers Registration Board
  • Ko Taku Reo, Deaf Education New Zealand school values
  • Social Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Collective responsibility
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Promote social change

Social Work Registration Board

  • A strong commitment to Deaf bi-lingual and bi-cultural practice
  • Valuing Deaf cultural norms
  • Provide students with an environment where they can Belong, Grow, Choose, Excel.
  • Access to resources and services students need to be happy and engaged learners.
  • To have opportunities to be their best and become confident leaders of their own lives

Ko Taku Reo School Values