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Speech language therapy service

Our Enrolled School SLT service is provided to students in Ko Taku Reo’s Deaf provisions in Auckland and Christchurch, where we have Speech Language Therapists (SLTs) based.

If anyone from a learner’s existing team has noticed that they need help to support the child or young person’s Speech-Language and Communication (SLC), then the learner can be referred to the Enrolled School SLT service. The student’s Teacher of the Deaf can send the referral to us. They will need to ask whanau for consent and any information that would be helpful for the referral. All referrals are sent to the Integrated Services email at We encourage parents interested in referring their child to talk with their child’s teacher.

Referral form

If a referral is accepted, a SLT will connect with the learner’s whānau to gain consent and begin the assessment of the student’s communication needs, which will determine the type of support we provide the learner.

This service will mainly be provided by a SLT based in the same city as the learner, however, for some students where Tele-practice is relevant (see Tele-practice service information) Link a SLT from another area may work with the student. At times there could also be a waitlist for accepted referrals depending on the availability of an SLT.

The SLT will work with the learner, their whanau and team to make a Support Plan, which will have agreed goals and timelines. SLTs work in a variety of ways which could include one on one work with a student, training teaching staff, and/or working with whanau. This will be included in the Support Plan.

The learner’s team will review the Support Plan and agree on the next steps, which will either be continuing support until the goals are achieved or closing the Support Plan.